‘Transportation safety is a retaliation against terrorism’

World has long time suffer from terrorist attacks on the vulnerable target of Mass Transportation Platforms.
On July 7th, 2005 terrorist bombs in London’s public transport system (buses and subways) killed approximately fifty people and injured hundreds. This is not the first of such attack. In recent years, bombs have also exploded on buses and trains in Israel, Madrid, Moscow and Paris, and in 1995 poison gas was released in Tokyo’s subway system, killing 12 people and making thousands sick.

A study of the Mineta Transport Institute shows on a global scale,over 195 terrorist
attacks targeting the urban public transportation system. The structure of the target locations shows a percentage of 41% buses, 22% trains and underground trains, 10% train and underground trains stations, 8% bus terminals, 8% railways, 5% tourist buses, 1% bridges and tunnels, 5% other objectives.

For those intending to kill people indiscriminately, public transportation is an ideal target. Attacks on the public transportation which is the traffic system in the urban areas cause huge damages and panic therefore meeting the traditional requirements of terrorism. Up to officials of the transit system and experts in system safety, certain characteristics of the mass public transportation make it vulnerable to terrorist attacks and more difficult to secure. These systems are designed to operate openly (non-restricted), with many control free access points, so that a huge number of people could travel quickly and easily. Its open character make supervision and control of the people going in or out of the network, more difficult; on the other hand, to ensure safety in the access points along the routes is very expensive. Passengers do not know each other; therefore, attackers can easily keep a low profile and get away. Concentration of people in the spaces designed for transport make them vulnerable to conventional explosives and non-conventional arms.

Today the threat level is even much higher but we have a ‘Game Changer’ Integration System of High Technologies Solutions that can identify the threats in real time. This give us the tool to prevent and secure much better than before.