Parliament and Government Offices are strategically sites,highly sensible and key targets for terrorist attack.

Worldwide the challenge security represents to governments nearly tens of thousands of departments and agencies, which own or lease billions square feet of building space in over millions of structures. Add near countless administrative buildings, courthouses, jails and other buildings operated by state and local governments to get a sense of the need for physical security in the overall government market.

The protection of a building – either for public or private use – is based on the same basic security principles. In virtually every case, the key to maintaining security begins at the point of entry and includes increasing protective measures including surveillance cameras. This level of security is evidently much too low to the level of today’s threats.

Maintaining the security within the Parliament precinct and Government buildings is an very important, essential, and, also symbolic aspect of overall security of Countries.

Protecting the people in these buildings is, of course, a highly sensible element in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the countries and all the tasks of the State.