FORTRESS Real Time Intelligence Detection Systems is based on Passive Electro-Optical Radar System that delivers an extremely high rate of detection capabilities.

– This system incorporates a smart algorithm that collects and filters pre-defined information data arriving from 3D cameras that analyzes using highly innovative software with over 99% detection with negligible False Alarm Rate.

– The solutions feature Real time 24/7 surveillance, all weather surveillance land, air and sea, low cost of maintenance and flexibility.

– The system & application provide a unique filter for detections at borders and critical fence intrusion, flying objects from Drone to Missile, airport-runway, static and moving objects, smart cities traffic control applications Maritime security, waterfront industrial plants, off-shores sites, seaports, swimmer detection and beach intruder etc..

– Number of Borders, Airports, Nuclear plants and other sensible site have installed our system and are highly convinced by the present  accuracy of it.

The  Israeli MOD as well as security officers all over the world have tested and also adopted our solutions.