Worldwide Stadiums and Arenas are becoming today’s is a real and serious danger
And a major target for Terrorism. Media massive live coverage of sports and musics events is an additional factor.

During the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, one of the suicide bombers detonated himself just outside of the Stade de France while a match between France and Germany was on, is an illustration of the reality we are facing today.

Stadiums and Arenas have a very large number of spectators (an average 50 000 to 85.000 people) densely packed. Consequence of a Mass panic where crowds are about six people per square meter could lead to major disaster in term of casualties happening in front of our eyes.

Officials and Security forces Worldwide are putting this issue on the TOP PRIORITY of their concerns and are actively working on implementing the adequate solutions ASAP.

Security measures require robust solutions that have to be tailored to the specifics of each unique stadium but also cover a NEW STANDARD of Higher Level of Protective Integrated Technologies.

This new standard and plans should integrate the adequate answers for Access control; Public safety; Integrated Security Systems; Traffic and parking control; Drone attacks; Suicide bombers ,Chemical, biological,radiological attacks etc…