DRONES Intrusions is becoming a CRITICAL ISSUE.

Worldwide sale of Drones is highly exponential. In 2016, 7,3 millions have been sold (vs 2015 : 700 000 units); expected sales in 2020: +30 millions.

FORTRESS- IMI -DRONE DEFENSE SYSTEM is the Most Efficient compact Air & Drone Defense system that provides unique and cost effective operational solution which is designed to Detect, Disrupt and Neutralize Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) engaged in potential malicious activity or hostile airborne surveillance missions. Stopping them from infiltrating sensitive location such as Stadium, Airports, Nuclear plant, Secured compounds, Government offices, etc…or in order to protect a V.I.P. in public meeting.

FORTRESS-IMI -DRONE DEFENSE SYSTEM combines a unique Aerial Radar Detection, Electro Optical Thermal Acquisition and High Powerful Directional RF Neutralization abilities with supreme range of 3-5 KM of detection and neutralization. The system can be supplied either as an active system or reactive system that only operates only after triggering an alarm when unfamiliar object reaches to the aerial security zone.

The system allows, Flexibility, Quick Deployment option, Days and Night operation,

Full Neutralization Envelope of the Drone Defender System and has a provision for destruction capability and the ability to be connected to Radar and C4I systems.