Dr. Jacques Neriah

CEO & Co-founder
Solution Architect Company

The new frontiers of safety, security & sovereignty

We live in a new world with new challenges where we are facing new realities, new threats, and insecurity all of which have become a major issue in our daily life.

Needless to say that a heavy responsibility falls on all of us as a society to implement the proper answers and solutions to protect our social fabrics, our Freedom, our People, and of course our Economy.

The cost of security has skyrocketed and the solutions have become increasingly complex and costly and demand to mobilize more and more human and financial resources.

In this major global challenge we wanted to provide answers for the present and the future that are extremely relevant and effective, but also thanks to our technologies and solutions are also cost-effectives.

This is the reason behind the establishment in Luxembourg of our ‘Private Equity in Capital Development Fund’ Fortress High-Tech Capital together with our ‘Solution Architect Company’ Fortress International in order to give our Partner companies a direct support in their Business Development.

At Fortress, we have a validated experience of this new reality which stems from the fact that our proven experience on the ground to meet such challenges.

We have the ability to address the problem from different angles and the real skills to bring in a very optimal way new frontiers of security, safety and sovereignty.

We have invested in proven solutions optimizing the human-machine interface and bringing the latest approach to Security Technologies, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and much more…

Our experts will tailor solutions adapted to each specific case by providing a wide array of choices and solutions.

Unnecessary to say our solutions are « combat proven » and provide the highest level of safety & security.  Despite that we defend the philosophy that guides us in respecting the intangible value of respect for social  human and private ethics.

As Fortress we are proud to offer those new frontiers.

Looking forward to work with you. You can rely on Fortress

Jean-Marc Tyberg

CEO & Co-founder
Fund for new Technologies Opportunities

New world, new way of life, new Technologies.

 Today all forms of safety, security products and solutions are an integral part of our personal and professional daily lives.

 The increasing free movement of goods, capital and people, the digitalization of our society, electronic payments, cloud computing, communications, healthcare data, car and mobility, environmental security, crime and terrorism prevention requires more security and safety-related solutions.

Globally Public and Private actors are drastically stepping up their efforts to improve Safety and Security and mostly rely on new Technology solutions to better protect their Cities, Countries, Economies and Citizens.  

Persistently High Growth Potential  

Safety and Security, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence Technologies Companies have a long term significative Growth Potential and are becoming very attractive to Investors. Our Fund is centered in this niche.

 Presently many Qualified Investors are still underweight in their portofolio in the Equities market and especially in the sector centered on the themes of security & safety Technologies.  

Fund for New Technologies opportunities 

Fortress High Tech Capital (FHTC) positions itself as Private Equity in Capital Development Fund focused in the field of Safety, Security, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Technologies.

FHTC is a Luxembourg Investment Company (SICAR) organized as Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF).

Our Fund offers the highest level of Governance and transparency and benefits from the Legal and Tax environment of Luxembourg that is the 2nd world largest Fund center in the world after the U.S.

FHTC objective is to Invest in Very High-Tech Companies with new-proven Technologies products or solutions and having an important bridge to growth. We seek to acquire majority stakes or be a strategic minority shareholder.

 FHTC has a very unique approach in identifying Companies that have superior Technologies or Solutions.

Our team has a long shared experience and great expertise in fund management and investment process and all required skills in finance, industry and technology.

 With our entrepreneurial approach FHTC not only provides “Money to Growth” but also, we have competences to accompany and advise the management of our Partner companies with a double purpose:  transforming companies into leaders in their sector and generating higher potential returns and recurring incomes for our LP’s.

 Another strength of FHTC is our Luxembourg ‘Solution Architect Company ‘ Fortress International that has an important International network and could assist and give direct support our Partner companies in their Business Development strategy and objectives.

‘Those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.’John F. Kennedy

See Fortress High-Tech Capital Disclaimer below

“Man and his security must be the first
preoccupation of any technological adventure.”

Albert Einstein

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